Is there a such thing is too skinny or do people naturally hate “skinny” people?

Is there Really a such thing as “too skinny” or is it jealousy? Is it true concern or need to talk about someone?

I wrote this post months ago but forgot to publish it but since there is a controversy around Jennifer Hudson being “too skinny” I thought thiswas the perfect time to bring this post out. isshetooskinny

I have seen comments like “she looks like a bird” or “crackhead” based on this picture. I admit her neck looks extra small in comparison to her head size, I mean she does have a big head hell I have a big head and have been skinny my whole life lol but overall her body does not give me the impression that she is too skinny. Most people tell me I am “too skinny” until I am standing next to someone smaller. Maybe larger people and skinny people have a different perception on what skinny is.




If you are insecure  about your weight or easily offended don’t read this:



But this is what I don’t understand…Why is it so easy for people to say to a skinny’s person face: “Your too skinny” “You lost “too much weight” if a person is KNOWN for eating healthy and working out regularly yet no one will say to a fat person’s face “You are too fat” “You need to lose weight” to the “fat” person who is not trying to do anything


There is a difference between showing “true concern” if a person really does look anorexic, but why is there so much “concern”  if a person just so happen to look a little different due to weight loss but no “concern” with people who are “too fat” and are on 15 different meds for hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions, and are at risk for stroke and heart attack?


I have personally got the “you are too skinny now” from family members and friends although I have not been trying to lose weight only eating healthier than I used to. The fact that some of my clothing like skinny jeans or jeans that don’t fit anymore gave me more of a “skinny effect” I was just tired of hearing it. Especially from overweight family members that I could have easily came out of my mouth and said “You need to lose weight” but didn’t because I feel that everyone has a choice and if someone isn’t complaining about their own weight then it is not my place to tell them what I think they need. I am a weight loss coach but I only give advice to those who ask ! With that said, this is what I want to ask to those that always have something to say about “Too skinny” people that live healthy lifestyles:


  1. Are they too skinny for your preference or liking?
  1. Are you jealous that they lost weight?
  1. Do you not have enough confidence in yourself that you must actively pick out what is so wrong with others?
  2. Did you ever consider that some people are not trying to lose weight for other people’s approval and the fact that they just so happen to live a lifestyle that is healthy for them?
  1. Did you know that no one becomes anorexic looking after working out a lot and eating healthy?
  1. Did you know that eating healthy does not mean starvation or deprivation?
  2. Is there something in the “too skinny” person that you want or you are hiding it in yourself?
  1. Would you so boldly walk up to a fat person and say “You’re too fat”? If not, why would you do it to a skinny person? Does the skinny person not have feelings either?  Even as a fitness advocate its not my place to walk up to people telling them what their problems are when they aren’t asking me.


  1. Did you know that there is no fat vs skinny war?


Stop the hating and jealousy they are unity killers. I have nothing against fat people or “thick” people who are content with the way they are. This is not a fat bashing or skinny praising post. I am an advocate for a healthy lifestyle and while I do believe everyone has the potential to be the healthiest version of themselves, I do know that everyone is not meant to be skinny.  And in the same thought I don’t believe everyone is meant to be “fat”. Everyone could be at their ideal weight ,ideal body muscle mass, ideal healthy state if they worked at it and did not give up. There may be some genetic dispositions for SOME people but that does not mean you should never try to be healthier and lose weight if you need to.

To be honest our concerns should not be on skinny people who are exhibiting healthy habits.

Our concerns SHOULD BE with people who are TRULY severely underweight who are not living a healthy lifestyle to support their “extreme” weight loss. And by severely underweight I don’t mean people who are just thin but people who are less than 80 lbs at the age of 25 and don’t have enough fat to control their body temperature or have a regular cycle(if they are women).


Our concerns SHOULD be with people who are overweight in terms of body fat percentage, not biased BMI charts, that are not trying to change or those who need help changing.


Overall just saying before you open your mouth to talk about someone who is “too skinny” or “too fat” make sure you are saying it because you care about them and not because you just want somebody to talk about or put down out of your own jealousy or need to criticize. And if you open your mouth then you better have a solution. I don’t want to hear “she needs to eat” or “she needs to stop eating” because real and healthy weight loss is so much deeper than who much or how little someone eats.

And just because you have trouble getting used to someone’s new look doesn’t give you the right to bash them. Love people regardless of your dislike,hate, or jealousy of their appearance.









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  1. Loved your point #8… shouting from the rooftops, yes! I’m finding as I get healthier, I’m noticing more comments towards “skinny” people and it is just as rude as demeaning someone who is “fat”.

    Like you, it was never been my intention to “lose weight” or get to a certain size. I love my body, period. I just want to be healthy. Sometimes, you gotta check family members and others who feel like they can share their opinion with you. If I didn’t consult you before, I’m not consulting you now, especially if you are in NO CONDITION to give me advice (aka your results are not the results that I want for myself.)

    Keep spreading the light and positivity, lady! And, disregard those on the side line wanting to share their opinion with no qualification or wisdom.

    Love & joy,

    Jennifer Hudson looks GORGEOUS. I don’t care what anyone says.

    • I am glad someone feels me! It seems like people often get away with disrespect to those who have not tried in anyway to make someone feel like they must be a certain size for the approval of others! Bitter and envious people will be themselves and some just won’t know how disrespectful it is until someone breaks it down. Thanks for the comment and I enjoy your positivity as well :)

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