Simple Chicken and Turkey Sausage Gumbo recipe

This is a real simple recipe since some of the work was cut out using a frozen bag of veggies. It was really good! I think the hardest part is making a good roux.



Coconut Oil

All purpose flour  or cornstarch

Frozen bag of vegetable Gumbo mix (Make sure this has no added sauces or seasonings can mainly be found in the frozen veggie section at a grocery store I got mine from Bilo. It included red peppers, onions, okra, celery and corn)

2 Garlic cloves

Around 2-3 medium sized chicken breast cooked (I used leftover chicken breast from my Herb Roasted Whole Chicken)

Can of diced tomatoes or 2 fresh tomatoes

1 long Turkey Sausage link

Ground Cumin


Cayenne Pepper

21 Seasoning salute (or a blend of seasoning that include spices and herbs commonly found in stocks)

Chicken broth



1) Put around 1/4 cup of Coconut Oil to a pan on medium heat

2) Add 2 TB of flour and stir for around 3-5 minutes until brown (add more flour if needed

3) Once roux is brown add garlic cloves and frozen bag of veggie mix for 2-3 minutes

4) Add chopped turkey sausage and chicken breasts to the mix.

5) Add 1/4 cup of Chicken broth

6) Add 1//2 ts of cayenne pepper, paprika, cumin, and 21 seasoning salute or your herb blend. Those are just an estimate I am an eyeball cook so I just sprinkle and add more and taste to see if I like it and add more of something (it’s an experienced random cook thing lol))Add more cayenne if you like it spicier and you can also add chili powder if you wish. Creole seasoning can be used as well

7) Remove from heat so sauce can thicken


Resampled 2014 04 05 15 28 03 843 168x300 Simple Chicken and Turkey Sausage Gumbo recipe


Serve over Jasmine Rice or Brown rice to keep it as a healthier meal or add a lil starch and choose your own rice icon smile Simple Chicken and Turkey Sausage Gumbo recipe Serves 4-6 people Enjoy!

If I struggled to help make anything clear check out this recipe from the experienced recipe writers

Herb Roasted Chicken Recipe

whole chicken 300x204 Herb Roasted Chicken Recipe

Finished product!

This was my first time cooking a whole chicken in a very long time and the turn out was soo good!

I cooked this in my Nu Wave Oven and although I had some difficulties at first I was very pleased! The meat was not all the way thawed out and the middle was left frozen so instead of cooking in the traditional oven I said this sounds like a job for the Nu Wave oven so I used it.

Please bare with me I do not measure things as much because I can eyeball thing for the most part so I will try my best to estimate how much I have used.



5 lb Organic free range chicken from Trader Joes

1 Lemon

1 onion

3-4 garlic cloves

Fresh cilantro

Fresh parsley

Sea salt


Coconut Oil

21 seasoning herb blend

2 whole carrots chopped

4 red potatoes

Organic Chicken broth from Trader Joes


Prep work:

Preheat oven(if using traditional oven) to 450

1)Chop the onion in quarters or as shown in the picture

Resampled 2014 04 01 19 15 32 683 168x300 Herb Roasted Chicken Recipe

Excuse the lack of presentation. I don’t own a cutting board either don’t judge me lol

2) Take peeling off of garlic cloves

3) Cut lemon in half or in quarters.

4) Take whole carrots and chop them in fours and do the same with the potatoes and feel free to chop the potato quarters smaller. Set these ingredient to the side.

4) In a small bowl Mix around 1/4 cup of Coconut Oil (you can use an oil of your own choice) with 1 TB of sea salt ,1 TB of pepper, and around 2 ts of a seasoning blend  of your choice. I use 21 seasoning blend from Trader joes.5) Chop fresh parsley and cilantro or you may use your own choice of herbs. I used around 3-4 sprigs of each and I put them in a food processor until fine. Add this to the boil of coconut oil and then

2014 04 01 19 14 19 973 300x168 Herb Roasted Chicken Recipe

Coconut Oil and herb mixture








Note: As I mentioned before the inside of the chicken was still frozen so I decided to use my Nu Wave oven. I had to remove the giblets but because the giblets were stuck to a piece of paper in the cavity of the chicken I had to use the Nu Wave so while I was prepping everything else I had already placed the chicken in the Nu Wave so I may have a difficult time giving you a good time estimate but I will do the best I can by looking at others recipes.


More prepping:

What you would do is remove the giblets and anything else from the cavity of the chicken by placing your hands there. You can save it if you want to use for gravy. I did not. After removing things from the cavity add the garlic cloves, chopped onions, and lemon inside the cavity. If they do not fit you can rearrange them or chop them smaller.

Next you will take the oil mixture and rub it on your chicken all around with your hands. Your chicken is ready to go in the oven.

Grease a roasting pan with cooking spray or oil of choice and add chopped carrots and potatoes around the bottom of the pan leaving a space for the chicken in the middle.

Place the chicken in the middle with the legs up. Pour around 1/2 cup of chicken broth over carrots, potatoes, and chicken.

If you are using a traditional oven this may take anywhere from 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes. I suggest adding chicken broth to the pan every 10-20 minutes.


People who are using the Nu Wave and your bird was fully thawed you can put the carrots, potatoes, and chicken in the bottom of the pan just as described above. Because the Nu Wave takes longer I would set the temperature to 10 and set a timer for 30 minutes. You can also add liquid every 10 minutes. Flip the bird after 30 minutes to see where it is. and continue flipping and adding on 10 minute increments after that.

2014 04 01 19 53 02 381 300x168 Herb Roasted Chicken Recipe


Note:My chicken was not fully thawed in the cavity so it took close to 2 to 3 hours because I first had to make sure the middle was ready before adding the lemon, garlic, and onions.


I hope you found this simple enough! Forgive me if it is not I am better at cooking and demonstrating than writing out how I did it.


If you need something a little bit more standardized I got most of my idea from this blog here

whole chicken 300x204 Herb Roasted Chicken Recipe

Finished product!

Is there a such thing is too skinny or do people naturally hate “skinny” people?

Is there Really a such thing as “too skinny” or is it jealousy? Is it true concern or need to talk about someone?

I wrote this post months ago but forgot to publish it but since there is a controversy around Jennifer Hudson being “too skinny” I thought thiswas the perfect time to bring this post out. isshetooskinny 169x300 Is there a such thing is too skinny or do people naturally hate skinny people?

I have seen comments like “she looks like a bird” or “crackhead” based on this picture. I admit her neck looks extra small in comparison to her head size, I mean she does have a big head hell I have a big head and have been skinny my whole life lol but overall her body does not give me the impression that she is too skinny. Most people tell me I am “too skinny” until I am standing next to someone smaller. Maybe larger people and skinny people have a different perception on what skinny is.




If you are insecure  about your weight or easily offended don’t read this:



But this is what I don’t understand…Why is it so easy for people to say to a skinny’s person face: “Your too skinny” “You lost “too much weight” if a person is KNOWN for eating healthy and working out regularly yet no one will say to a fat person’s face “You are too fat” “You need to lose weight” to the “fat” person who is not trying to do anything


There is a difference between showing “true concern” if a person really does look anorexic, but why is there so much “concern”  if a person just so happen to look a little different due to weight loss but no “concern” with people who are “too fat” and are on 15 different meds for hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions, and are at risk for stroke and heart attack?


I have personally got the “you are too skinny now” from family members and friends although I have not been trying to lose weight only eating healthier than I used to. The fact that some of my clothing like skinny jeans or jeans that don’t fit anymore gave me more of a “skinny effect” I was just tired of hearing it. Especially from overweight family members that I could have easily came out of my mouth and said “You need to lose weight” but didn’t because I feel that everyone has a choice and if someone isn’t complaining about their own weight then it is not my place to tell them what I think they need. I am a weight loss coach but I only give advice to those who ask ! With that said, this is what I want to ask to those that always have something to say about “Too skinny” people that live healthy lifestyles:


  1. Are they too skinny for your preference or liking?
  1. Are you jealous that they lost weight?
  1. Do you not have enough confidence in yourself that you must actively pick out what is so wrong with others?
  2. Did you ever consider that some people are not trying to lose weight for other people’s approval and the fact that they just so happen to live a lifestyle that is healthy for them?
  1. Did you know that no one becomes anorexic looking after working out a lot and eating healthy?
  1. Did you know that eating healthy does not mean starvation or deprivation?
  2. Is there something in the “too skinny” person that you want or you are hiding it in yourself?
  1. Would you so boldly walk up to a fat person and say “You’re too fat”? If not, why would you do it to a skinny person? Does the skinny person not have feelings either?  Even as a fitness advocate its not my place to walk up to people telling them what their problems are when they aren’t asking me.


  1. Did you know that there is no fat vs skinny war?


Stop the hating and jealousy they are unity killers. I have nothing against fat people or “thick” people who are content with the way they are. This is not a fat bashing or skinny praising post. I am an advocate for a healthy lifestyle and while I do believe everyone has the potential to be the healthiest version of themselves, I do know that everyone is not meant to be skinny.  And in the same thought I don’t believe everyone is meant to be “fat”. Everyone could be at their ideal weight ,ideal body muscle mass, ideal healthy state if they worked at it and did not give up. There may be some genetic dispositions for SOME people but that does not mean you should never try to be healthier and lose weight if you need to.

To be honest our concerns should not be on skinny people who are exhibiting healthy habits.

Our concerns SHOULD BE with people who are TRULY severely underweight who are not living a healthy lifestyle to support their “extreme” weight loss. And by severely underweight I don’t mean people who are just thin but people who are less than 80 lbs at the age of 25 and don’t have enough fat to control their body temperature or have a regular cycle(if they are women).


Our concerns SHOULD be with people who are overweight in terms of body fat percentage, not biased BMI charts, that are not trying to change or those who need help changing.


Overall just saying before you open your mouth to talk about someone who is “too skinny” or “too fat” make sure you are saying it because you care about them and not because you just want somebody to talk about or put down out of your own jealousy or need to criticize. And if you open your mouth then you better have a solution. I don’t want to hear “she needs to eat” or “she needs to stop eating” because real and healthy weight loss is so much deeper than who much or how little someone eats.

And just because you have trouble getting used to someone’s new look doesn’t give you the right to bash them. Love people regardless of your dislike,hate, or jealousy of their appearance.

loveroundloveskinny 300x186 Is there a such thing is too skinny or do people naturally hate skinny people?








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Stop the sideline hating and get inspired!

I believe the reason why some people fail at things they are capable of winning at is envy, jealousy and hate. If someone shares a success story about how they achieved whatever it was instead of being inspired they make excuses for why they can’t achieve what that person achieved. Not only that, they are digging up their past trying to figure out if they had some sort of disadvantage or was in the right place or the right time. Stop looking at celebrities as overnight successes because it just doesn’t happen! I have seen actors, ball players, and music artist spend YEARS working on their craft until someone noticed their talent!


For instance, I have had the opportunity to help lots of people be successful at weight loss but because I have never been fat in my life they feel I had some sort of advantage. There is no advantage in a skinny person losing weight over a fat person EXCEPT their HABITS and PERSISTENCE. A skinny person has to do the same thing as a fat person to lose weight: Eat right and exercise. There is no way around it, especially if you are a woman who is at child bearing age or near menopause!  LASTING success in weight loss or any other area in life has nothing to do with advantage or luck. Believe it or not I used to be a skinny person with fat habits! I was known for eating all the time! I never really gained wieght outside of baby weight but I did not lose weight until 2 years after my first kid. Why? Because I didn’t start taking what I eat serious until then!


I  used to eat what I wanted when I wanted with no thought or effort to control portions or use self control in things that were not good for me. I may not have ever been fat but I felt fat. I was sluggish all the time.

For some time after my first kid I went from being active to not being active at all.  I used time as an excuse not to do anything and I had no idea what bad food was doing to my body. I tried achieving a slimmer belly after my first kid but, without the proper eating habits it never happened for me. Then I got pregnant twice again before I realized that I HAD to change my eating habits if I was gonna need the energy to be a graduate student and a pregnant mom of 2 with a fiance working night shift and no family or friends to help. I spent months reading about weight loss during my pregnancy and I even started making small changes gradually throughout my pregnancy! After my third baby was born the day I stayed the night in the hospital I told myself I am gonna make healthy choices while I am here and when I left. You want to know what was my inspiration point? Seeing a pic of bodybuilding competitors that had 5 kids or more. They were ripped and instead of going “Oh they probably spend 24 hours in the gym” “Oh I bet someone had surgery” “Oh they probably have a lot of money” I went “Wow” if they can do it I can do it! I didn’t give myself the standard that I must be exactly as ripped as they are I just said hey if they can achieve a flat tummy I am gonna try!


I started watching this personal trainers every update (Her name is Remi The Trainer and the pic of the mothers were some of her friends) and I started reading about weight loss and starting experimenting. When I had my baby I had the tools in place. I had a dvd I would use at home to workout with and I had a nutrition shake. I had a system in place to cook and prep meals in advance prepared to eat on the go. There was no lack of time or money that was gonna stop me! And guess what? I lost 15 lbs my first month of leaving the hospital with diet and breastfeeding alone. I also lost 5 or 6 inches during that time. I then lost 4 more lbs 4 weeks after exercising at least 3 times per week. I then gradually lost more weight and by the time Thanksgiving was here I had lost 37 lbs.

Some of it may have been muscle loss because I had a really huge flare up with Fibromyalgia to the point that I had to stop working out.  But what I am trying to get you to see that I wasn’t trying to lose all that weight. It was never my goal to lose 37 lbs I had a goal of losing belly fat but because I had been consistent at changing my eating habits it became like breathing for me so weight loss became effortless. Did I ever have moments where I splurged? Heck yeah. Did I have moments when I made bad choices or skipped a workout (before my flare up)? Yes! There were times when I was too exhausted, times where I didn’t sleep well at night, and times where I made mistakes but guess what? I kept on going! Most people fail because they don’t realize that mistakes are inevitable and that you can only truly fail if you give up.

So when you see my beach pics know that  I work hard for my Fit Mom body(depsite not being able to workout like normal people) and you are damn right I am gonna show it off at the beach! Your goal may be to just lose 20 lbs or get off your blood pressure meds and not fit in a bikini and guess what the same rules apply!  Fix your mind and fix your habits. And get rid of the spirit of hate, envy or laziness that is causing you to look down on others with success stories. And stop making excuses.
The excuses I could have made:


I am too poor to eat healthy

I am too busy to eat healthy and workout

I really don’t have the time

I am really too tired

I have no one to watch my kids

I can’t afford a gym membership

I have 3 kids and they cling to my leg each time I workout ( they were 3,1, and newborn when I first started)

I am too tired (Fibromyalgia symptom)

I have school work to do

I am breastfeeding

I have to cook

I have to clean

I have to spend 20-40  hours at Internship

My fiance works night shift so he can’t help me in the daytime

I don’t have a workout partner


Yes these were all challenges but I made it happen! We all have excuses but the ones who work hard at doing what they can are the ones who succeed! You are bigger than your finances, time management problems, and energy level. You are more than your  career or studies. You are more than your “busy” activities. You see …instead of hating on those women that inspired me I chose to look at them and learn from them. What is it about those ladies that made them successful? I kept looking for solutions and looked to them only to learn from them not to compare myself and beat myself up for not reaching their level of success. I just used their pictures to place in my mind that if their extreme abs were possible that watered down goal of getting rid of belly fat was possible.


 Stop looking at success stories of others and make excuses as to why you can’t achieve what they have. That is the devils voice. He wants you to be skeptical ,lazy, and  fearful so you end up making excuses to not try. Stop sowing seeds of laziness, skepticism, fear, and doubt! “I can’t afford it” ” I don’t have time” “I don’t have energy” ” I am not motivated” “I am not smart enough”  are all excuses! Stop focusing on what you lack and focus on how you can TRY to get it! Success stories including those that end with “What’s your excuse” are meant to INSPIRE you NOT cause you to hate, become envious, or try to see if they had some sort of advantage over you. There is no luck or advantage in success except habits and persistence!  Don’t be so sensitive towards people who KNOW you can do better than what you are doing!Stop comparing yourself to others!


haterschange 300x300 Stop the sideline hating and get inspired!










Will you work through your excuses and give it everything you got in your circumstances or will you live your excuses and not live up to your full potential? Will

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How you may be able to reduce your grocery bill by eating more Real Food

budgetgrow 300x210 How you may be able to reduce your grocery bill by eating more Real Food Yesterday I shared on my facebook how on average I am spending less than $70 a week on groceries and how it hardly ever exceeds $100 a week for a family of 5. I want to share that when I had a family of just 3 with 1 kid we were spending around $200 per week on more processed food What changed? The stores we shopped at , a few tweaks to the way I was shopping, and the food choices.

When I was spending around $500 per month with a family of 3 we ate nothing but hot dogs, burgers, corn dogs, frozen pizza, frozen biscuits, frozen salisbury steak, frozen fries, sugary cereals,candy, cookies, and cakes, fake cheese, lots of pork and beef,and fried food plus we were spending around $100 or more per week on Fast food getting delivered to our home.

Now we eat more fruits, veggies, less fried stuff, no frozen foods except for some unseasoned veggies and the kids ocassionally eat some chicken tenders.Gluten free pancakes, muffins, or multi grain waffles for breakfast,oatmeal,  I do smoothies for myself sometimes, and I eat eggs a lot when I am not eating oatmeal or smoothie. I create pastas like spaghettis, chicken and veggie pastas, stir fries, tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas, Tilapia and salmon, chicken with veggie sides and brown rice. My kids snack on tortilla chips and salsa and fresh fruits, plain rice cakes topped with peanut butter, honey and cinnamon, and some veggies they like to snack on. And I sometimes create some fun meals and I have some simple meals like Peanut Butter and Jelly on Whole wheat or Honey wheat bread. Some people may question whether or not these are “healthy meals”. It depends on what your definition of “healthy means”. My definition of healthy means a lot of things but I certainly don’t mean perfectly 100% healthy.

I mean I have eliminated certain foods, cooking methods, and certain ingredients in foods.I stand firm in avoiding MSG, High fructose corn syrup, artificial dyes, hydrogenated oils, preservatives, and just eliminating excess sugar and anything that has been highly processed . I avoid them 99% of the time and I look at ingredient labels of condiments that I us. If I happen to need the convenience of something processed( like sometimes I get chicken tenders for my kids if I don’t make them myself), and I will make sure they don’t have those ingredients and if the ingredients list exceeds 5 ingredients and I just don’t get it. I do look at labels that claim to not have preservatives although sometimes those are lies, but I aim to get the “healthiest” choice for the time being and getting the best alternative I have access too.

I know that I have toddlers so people say it is easy to spend less than $100 per week ,however, the people I have learned some of my frugal shopping techniques from had teenagers. In addition, they had more kids than I do but was spending less than me at times. So am I saying that everyone will be able to do this? No but if you learn to shop a certain way and plan your meals out it is possible that you can reduce your budget to some extent no matter where you live. I do realize that some geographical differences, access to transportation,  better stores, and family preferences may be a problem for some people. Don’t get your hopes down if you live in an expensive state but also don’t focus on spending as much as I do. Focus on seeing if there is a way you can spend less in general by opening your mind to new choices and information . I could be spending more than $70 a week but I somehow find myself around the range of $50 and $80 per week depending on what I have to buy.

I am writing a book on this subject as we speak to help people learn step by step what they can do to reduce their grocery budget to afford more real, and whole foods. I can not give all of it away in this long post because many of you would not have the time to read it or will over look important info but I will give you a glimpse of some things you can do to reduce your grocery budget before my book comes out lol jk

1) It is best to plan from a master list of meals you eat so that you are buying with a purpose. If you buy stuff just because it is on sale and it sits in your fridge or in your counter until it spoils it is useless so make sure you buy ONLY what you need for that week. If you have kids that are old enough to go in the refrigerator be sure to to plan healthy snacks on your master list  for them, portion it out correctly, and set boundaries.

2) Avoid as much pre-cut, prepackaged, precooked, seasoned stuff like fruits, meats, and meals , and cheese. You save so much money by cutting, cooking, and seasoning things yourself. Most of the precut stuff have a smaller quantity which means you are paying more for less food and more questionable ingredients. Take cheese for instance, I buy an 8 oz block of cheese at Aldi’s for around $1.59 but the shredded cheese is $1.79 with extra ingredients. I shred the cheese myself so that I can always use less of it( since my goal is to reduce and eliminate sources of dairy).

3) Allow little to no room to buy junk like chips,candy, cookies and pies on a regular basis. Those “$1 or 2 for $5 easily add up and can be spent toward REAL food. Find out how to make some of these things at at home with ingredients you already have. If you buy chips, candy, cookies, and pies often you will find yourself craving more and more thus costing you more money you didn’t realize you were spending. So if you want to make it yourself be sure to get rid of it fast and only reserve it for “cheat” meals or holidays, birthdays, etc

4) Drink nothing but water. Sodas and juices are more expensive in the long run because you are always thirsty and if you have a big family I am sure take frequent trips to the store for this a lot. Bottled water is not that expensive at many stores ,and you can spend less on bottled by getting a water pitcher with a filter and replacing the filter every 3 months for as little as $10.

5)  Portion control. We have all grown up on the American way of eating way more than our body needs. Use your fist to count one portion and never exceed two fistfuls of things like rice, starches, and pastas. If you are drinking enough water cutting back on portions won’t be an issue. Our body confuses hunger and thirst a lot when our body is very well craving water it can signal as hunger. Drink 2 8oz glasses after every meal. After eating you should feel satisfied not mortified(slumped over feeling like you are about to pass out lol)

6) Memorize or start writing down prices in different stores to see who has the better deal. My memory is horrible but for some reason I have it in my memory so good that if I go out of town I realize there is a difference in price. I have a limited amount of stores here in Greenwood, SC and I have found that Aldi’s is the cheapest place and has great quality as far as selection of different foods. If you are a vegan or vegetarian I highly encourage that you shop there because the produce is very affordable and many times cheaper than other stores including the organic produce and foods. Don’t be fooled by fake “deals” that make you think you are getting a deal but you are not actually saving money.

7) Don’t be fooled by the unit price. Many people think they are shopping deals by getting the lowest price item but you want to make sure you are getting a deal by getting the most for your money. Do this by using basic math skills to see if you are getting a deal or just spending more for something you hardly ever use.

8) Shop from local farmers if you have a farmers market near by or check your area to see if there are some organic or locally grown food co-ops. or have not tried the co-op option yet but I plan to.

9) Shop bulk if you need to. I am not a fan of shopping bulk at the moment because I would rather worry about right now than later to stretch my dollars but if you are able to spend more now to get a deal go right ahead.

10) Buy more fresh and frozen(without sauces and seasonings) produce, and freeze what you can’t use if possible. I do this with leftover zuchinnis or bell peppers and throw them in scrambled eggs for breakfast often.

11) Don’t act like you are too good to eat leftovers. I am not a fan of cooking all day everyday so I normally cook more at one sitting and eat leftovers afterwards.  I throw nothing away and if I don’t feel like eating leftovers I freeze it for a rainy day.

12) Look in other areas of of life where you can cut costs to afford more food. Food is a top priority for me because of my energy levels and health complications of Fibromyalgia. Too be honest too much processed food is too expensive for my budget because I normally am never satisfied and the meals never last long so I am glad that I have discovered that eating real food can be cheaper than processed food.

Food is just expensive no matter what but I choose to eat the best I can for what my budget can allow. I just find it funny that people who eat totally unhealthy say that healthy food costs so much but they have no clue how much they are spending in comparison to real foods. The upfront costs of getting more real food in your house may seem expensive at first until you have everything you need ,and  then you may realize that there may not be a signficant price difference and you may actually save some money. There is no doubt if you have food sensitivities and or chose to eat super duper clean(no soy, no dairy, no nuts, no beans, no gluten, no wheat, no corn) you will have a more expensive food bill depending on where you get your stuff from. The stuff is high especially if you do not live near a retail store that sells them. But outside of that a sensible diet simply eliminating lots of junk and making the best with what you have can be as affordable as you make it.

Arthur Ashe Quote 300x200 How you may be able to reduce your grocery bill by eating more Real Food

This is all I can think of of the top of my head without pulling too much from my book. I am not exactly finish with organizing things from my book and would rather not give everything away in one post.

I hope you learned something from this post and let me know in the comment below what ways you have cut costs or ways that you are affording healthy choices for you family.

That is all I can think of at the moment

Zuchinni Pizzas!

ZuchinnipizzaforPinterest 300x180 Zuchinni Pizzas!





Zucchini pizzas were a hit! Here is what I did:

Instead of using whole zucchinis  I cut 2 of them in fours and I ended up with around 8-12 pieces.



  1. Preheat oven to 400 bake and bake zuchinnis for 10 minutes.While I waited I chopped 2 roma tomatoes and 1 Bell peppers.I also grated my block of mozzarella cheese
  2. Remove zuchinni from oven and sprinkled onion powder and garlic powder on each.
  3.  I used this Simply Nature Organic  Marinara sauce and spooned out 1 TB on to each zucchini piece
  4. Top with I TB of mozzarella cheese and then I added my roma tomatoes and bell pepper pieces.I had some bacon left over so I crumbled up 3-4 slices and put the crumbled bacon on a few zuchinnis.
  5. Put it in the oven and reduce temperature to 350 and baked for 10 minutes.

Snapshot 20130805 1 300x167 Zuchinni Pizzas!

Here is my finished product! Sorry the picture quality is not great I am using a webcam because it is all I have now but it was yummy and looked good!

On half of the little pizzas I used bacon and the other half just roma tomatoes and bell peppers as toppings.

The bacon ones range from 150-200 calories per pizza depending on how much bacon you use

The veggie ones were around 100 calories per pizza. There are great for parties and it is kid friendly! Hope you enjoyed it and be sure to pin this and try it out!



Mixed Veggie Pasta

Mixed Veggie Pasta 293x300 Mixed Veggie Pasta

I am always creating simple healthy recipes sometimes out of boredom and sometimes out of laziness and trying to get rid of leftovers.(Yes I can be lazy lol) This one was so lazy that I ended up having a meatless pasta and that is okay with me! Many people would have thought about meat first but I didn’t because I am just very open-minded and creative. I get asked all the time if I am a vegetarian but no I am not but I do enjoy vegetarian meals.

I call this Mixed veggie pasta because it is as simple as it gets. You can add some grilled chicken if you must have meat but I thought it was great without it.

1/2 box Dreamfield Healthy Carb Living Rotini noodles

1/2  bag of frozen mixed veggies (carrots,corn, peas)

1/2 of a tomato chopped

1/4 cup chopped onions(may sub for 2 TB of onion powder)

3 TB of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

3 TB of Worchestire sauce

1 TB of ground ginger

2 teaspoons of paprika

Serves 4-8

I boiled the water and simply put the noodles and veggies in a saucepan and brought it to another boil then put a lid on it and reduced temperature to low. Then I drained any excess water and added the rest of the ingredients. Total cook time was around 10-15 minutes.

If you are wondering what the taste is like it is savory and tastes sort of like pasta salad but not as bitter. Also somewhat spicy. If you don’t like spicy I would reduce the amount of ginger to 1 teaspoon.

Hope you enjoy be sure to pin this so that your Pinterest followers can have a quick, healthy meal idea! I am sure vegetarians and vegans will enjoy it! Share it on Facebook, Tweet it, or whatever you do share it people need more healthy meal ideas. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Clean version of Hamburger helper

Home made hamburger helper 300x236 Clean version of Hamburger helperWho has grown up on Hamburger helper meals? I have! It is actually brilliant to have your noodles, cheese and seasonings all in one box and all you have to do is add meat! Well hamburger helper is really tasty but as I have made a 360 with my diet and made a lifestyle change I have started to eat less processed foods and more real food. Convenience is not always convenient!

What is so bad about Hamburger helper? I am sure they may be marketing it as “healthy” on the label by saying they have removed ingredients or now use “natural flavors but don’t fall for it! Well let me tell you:  Up to 40 ingredients most of which are chemically altered. Partially hydrogenated oils and in some flavors MSG let’s just say in a nutshell these things are horrible. Hydrogenated oils clog your arteries and reduces your cell functions. MSG where do I start? You should check out this article .

Anywho key thing is we have to eat more real food if we want to live longer and healthier. So my fiance says “I have a taste for Hamburger helper” so I say I am gonna make it myself!

So here is how I did it:

 1 lb of lean ground turkey

1/2 box of Rotini noodles (I used Dreamfields Smart Living brand)

Seasoned with onion powder,garlic powder, no salt seasoning (a seasoning I bought from Big Lots with a blend of rosemary, thyme,Marjorim, and a few other spices)

I normally don’t measure I am an eyeball cook but it is estimated to be at about 1 -2 teaspoons of each seasoning mentioned above

Around 1/2 cup or 2-3 TB of Worchestire sauce ( I taste during cooking so if you do the same you may not need as much).

Around 2 TB of cheddar cheese per serving. ( About 1 or 2 balled fist portion sizes is equivalent to a serving)

1/2 cup of water

First I cooked the ground turkey on medium heat until browned. Then I added  the noodles in a pan and I added enough water to cover the noodles. Then I let it come to a boil then I lowered the temperature to low and covered it and let it simmer for about 10-15 minutes.

It was not as cheesy as regular  Hamburger helper but good enough! Ir is estimated at around 300-400 calories per serving.Makes 4-8 servings

Hope you enjoy! I didn’t plan this meal that well but if I would have I would have added more veggies to make it a more healthier alternative.



How to reduce sugar cravings

Some people have a difficult time with weight loss because of : Sugar cravings! Sugar is everywhere so it is hard to pass up. I will talk about the cause of cravings, how to fight against them and things you can use or eat to reduce them!




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Beware of “Diet” Foods

Just felt the need to share this because I see it all the time. There are lots of diet programs and diet foods out there that people think are good for them but in reality are not. So you join this program and they tell you it is okay for you to eat frozen dinners like Weight watchers frozen dinners and Lean Cuisine meals. There are even some programs that tell you it is okay to drink 2-3 shakes a day. When you go from eating high calorie Burgers and Hot dogs all the time, and go to these low calorie frozen dinners and shakes of course your body will react with losing weight. Reduce calorie intake and you lose weight right? However, it is only temporary. By now the diet program has already got a month of your money and now you can’t understand why you are still eating these foods and going hard in the gym and your weight loss has slowed down to the point that you are not seeing any results at all.

Your body likes change. When you are eating diet foods the only change your body will get is when you switch from the really bad stuff to “diet foods”. The diet foods can not give you the nutrition your body really needs so that is why it only has a temporary effect.

How do you know if you are eating a diet food?

• You may have used a coupon to get it.

• You buy them from the frozen section

• They do not taste that good

• They do not keep you full

• It has “Low calorie” , “reduced fat”, “fat free” “sugar free” on it

• When you look at the ingredients there are lots of things you can’t pronounce

• You have to buy multiple products of the brand to be a part of the diet program.

• The food has a commercial with smiling skinny women.

So what are some diet foods to be specific?

Special K. Yes these foods may help you lose weight but they can be highly processed and if you buy all of the shakes, waffles, protein bars, chips and cereals they make and eat them all the time it will only give you minimal results.

smart ones 300x224 Beware of Diet FoodsWeight watcher frozen meals Smart Ones, Lean Cuisine, etc . These are the meals that give you these tiny portioned out things like a meat, some veggies, and dessert. These meals are packed with preservatives, unhealthy ingredients, and more times than not they are high sodium content.Don’t want to take my word for it? Check out these articles  How Healthy are Lean Cuisines Frozen Dinners   and  Weight Watchers Smart Ones meals not that smart 

There are even some protein shakes out there that have nothing special about them except for vitamins and protein. All shakes are not created equal and very few on the market are actually healthy as they claim. I will not single out any companies because I don’t want it to seem as if I am bashing but just saying be careful. Many that you buy from the grocery store are not good and they are nothing more than milk with added sugar. Some contain artificial sugars so they are allowed to have “sugar free” on their label. I can’t speak too much of every shake but all I am saying is do not get pulled into something just because everyone else is doing it. Take the time and look at the ingredients to see what is so special about it and how it contributes to weight loss.

Supplements are okay to help you fill in the gaps that you need with certain nutrients but should not be used as a substitute for real food all the time. If you have your one shake or one supplement a day that complements your workout and other nutrition efforts that is fine. But on the other hand if you are eating real food just one time a day then sure it is gonna help you lose weight. You may even lose a lot of it but it isn’t sustainable. Once it stops working(and it will) you will be looking for the next thing to help you and you are still in the diet cycle yet AGAIN.

Also if you are crazy like me you would do a google search on every ingredient and let me know what you find.

What I am saying is be an informed consumer. I am not telling you to not trust anyone who offers a product ,but to make sure you have done your own research so that you can not be duped and so you can just know what you are putting in your body. There are people out there who do not live a healthy lifestyle yet they sell products that are trying to promote a healthy lifestyle when actuality it does not teach you anything. Product after product will NOT teach you how to manage your time better, how to make better choices, or how to lose weight for a lifetime.

So moral of the story: Don’t spend so much money on “diet products”. Buy REAL food. Real food is cheaper and healthier for you. Yes those diet foods may seem more convenient but they cost you more money over time and only give you temporary results. Instead of buying those prepackaged meals make your own with fresh or frozen veggies, cook them and prep them in advance and store in small zip loc bags to portion them out and refrigerate, or freeze as needed. When you get your own stuff there are less chances of chemicals and preservatives being added to your food. Click here for more tips on how to eat healthy while busy.

You don’t need every protein bar and every packaged snack snack on fresh fruits, veggies, and nuts. Make your own trail mixes and bake your own chips straight from the potato you have at home. Make Kale chips. Make your own healthy desserts and watch portions. The more real food you put in your body the better off you will be and cuts your chances of hitting a bad weight loss plateau.

So I challenge you to write down all of your meals everyday and count how many of them came from a box or plastic bag (exception of unsalted nuts), and how many are frozen dinners. If you end up with more than 3 in a given day then it is time to reevaluate what you are putting in your body

Last but not least, when you really want to succeed at weight loss you find a way that is sustainable to lose weight. The only way to have sustainable weight loss is to make a lifestyle change. By lifestyle change I mean you are changing your daily habits. The “I am never gonna eat pizza,bread, and french fries ever again” is a lie you are telling yourself. You can not sustain eating any and everything then all of a sudden stop. IF it were that easy you would have done it a long time ago. The fact is many people are addicted to food and we are creatures of habits. That is what makes weight loss hard. Once you change your bad habits to good habits you will see success. When you make gradual changes and then decide that you will eat some of those foods in smaller portions less often now you are being realistic.

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